Be Safe My Friends

Safety Equipment PPE
EPA 402-K-07-002

Don’t be too cool…. To cool to wear your Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that is! Be smart to be cool…

“I’m too cool” were the last words heard, before he popped his eye completely open when that grinder wheel flew apart. He lost sight in that eye F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

Professionals wear their PPE to make them more confident. I learned this lesson years ago racing my YZ250. You’re confidence and ability goes up ten fold when you know you are protected. Yep, I wore a full kevlar chest and back protector. Do you ever see those crazy guys riding without their helmet?? THEY ARE SUPER COOL BTW – Just sayin’… Here’s a great place to start OSHA

*BTW – Being confident does not equate to being careless, unless you let it.

Instructions and Owner’s Manuals

There is a perplexing YouTube trend among certain How-To DIY YouTube video creators to make fun of reading the instructions, or owners manuals. As if it’s not cool… I’m convince that it’s really not about them trying to be cool, with clips showing them crumpling up and trashing the instructions – I’m pretty sure they just can’t read… Just sayin’…

As a manufacturer, these people are creating a nightmare for us!! Of course they are the first to sue, when something goes wrong…. Know your tool read – the manual! If you are illiterate, then ask someone to read it for you. However, please do not buy our products if any of the above applies to you…