This page was created for the collaboration of homemade ventilator designers – with the intent of inventing a simple, FDA approved ventilator that can be made either at home by hobbyists or by a local manufacturer such as machine shops, fabricators, plastic injection molders, 3D Printing Services, etc.

Idea to Convert A CPAP Machine

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Comment: “I’m an anesthesiologist/intensivt so I’m a specialist in mechanical ventilation. The device described in this post is not a ventilator but a high flow nasal cannula. The air is warmed and humidified to not dry out mucus membranes. Frequently sold under the brand name Optiflow and should be easy to construct, just bubble the gas through 37-40C water.”

In the UK the Prime Minister sent out a challenge to all manufacturers “He asked manufacturers to rise to this immediate challenge by offering skills and expertise as well as manufacturing the components themselves. Businesses can get involved in any part of the process: design, procurement, assembly, testing and shipping.”