Try adding a little chia seed – You can throw in anything healthy

Oatmeal in the rice cooker is our go-to breakfast – just about every morning! We love the simplicity of this and the health benefits of oatmeal, berries, coconut and fruit are indisputable. It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and we can go on our morning dog walk while it safely cooks in the kitchen. The cool thing is that you follow the same exact recipe as cooking rice in a rice cooker. BE SURE AND USE WHOLE “ROLLED OATS” – sometimes called “Old Fashioned Oatmeal” (we like to use the organic ones).
– One part oatmeal to two parts water – (for my wife and I, one cup of oatmeal to two cups water). Add in a handful of berries and a heavy sprinkling of organic coconut flakes and it cooks up like a blackberry cobber. Add a little honey if you want it sweeter, but the fruit makes it sweet enough for us. Try some sliced banana while cooking in the rice cooker – it cooks up like bananas foster!
Note: If you don’t use coconut flakes, you’ll need to add a 1/4 tsp of some kind of healthy, vegetable based oil to keep the oatmeal from foaming over. But give coconut a try – the good, all natural coconut flakes – NOT the processed sugary stuff you normally find in the store.

Tips: We always sprinkle some nuts on top after cooking. Strawberries don’t cook to a very nice texture for us. We slice those on top, after the cooking is done.

oatmeal rice cooker blueberries
oatmeal rice cooker blueberries