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Why You Need Two Dish Soaps

Blue Dawn is incredible for removing greasy foods. However, it’s hell on your hands. It’ll suck all the oils right out – expect hurting, cracked skin if you spend any time hand washing with this stuff. That’s where Green Palmolive comes in handy- cleans normal (not so greasy) dishes. And easier on the hands… Madge

We keep this foaming Dawn dispenser by the sink (refill with 10% Dawn concentrate to 90% warm water and rotate to mix).

The Palmolive goes in the inset soap dispenser.

Pro Tip: greasy food splatters on clothes come right out by dropping one or two drops of blue Dawn on the grease spot, before you throw it in the washers. Rub it in. And let sit over night for tough ones.

Some Interesting Soap History

Screen Shot of Soap History from Wikipedia

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