Rock Garden Instructions – Overview
Rock Garden Instructions – Episode 2 Design Demolition Preparation
Rock Garden Instructions – Episode 3 – Welding Landscape Borders
Rock Garden Austin, Texas

Rock Garden designed and built by my wife and me. Her design, where she individually laid #MexicanRiverRock to replicate a flowing river. She also dug the hole and installed a #DisappearingFountain For my part: #Welding#MetalForming#Landscaping Red #LandscapeGlass#GlassRock as an accent #FlagStone I added an #ArchitecturalMetalPanel to anchor the end. The best news is that we finished construction and planting July 1st and left for 2-1/2 months. After record breaking heat waves of July and August, we came home expecting everything to be dead, but it was all thriving!