Consult a structural engineer before welding joints on any load bearing structure. Always wear a welder’s mask and gloves when welding. Do not use a welding machine or propane torch near flammable materials.

welding rv frame

Welding Projects: Metal Storage Room Shelving – RV Shelves – Lumber Rack – Landscape Border – Lots of welding – We like welding : )

Folding Sawhorse Kit – Pecision Laser Cut – Snaps together like legos For a Perfect Fitup.
900 Pound Hinges – Four of them, Laser Cut Slotted into the 1/8″ wall Steel Tubeing
Welding Folable Sawhorse Kits
Laser Cut Slot & Tab Fitup – Perfect Weld Fitups Everytime. Weld More – Grind Less
Crib Sawhorse Prototype
Too Secret Prototype Sawhorse Design
Coming Soon – RTA Stainless Steel Smoker (Direct Heat) – 24 hours on one load of charcoal.
Good oOle American Welding!